Ready to take the Flour Bomb Challenge? Follow the instructions below:

  • Include all the right elements in your script.
  • Flour bomb yourself like a boss.
  • Challenge three friends.
  • Post your video on social media with hashtags and friend tags.

Detailed Instructions for Taking
the Flour Bomb Challenge

  • Video Script

    The following script provides all of the elements necessary to make your video effective for the campaign:

    “I have accepted the flour bomb challenge to raise awareness and money to fight child sex slavery and trafficking and to rescue children across the world from this awful crime. Sex slavery and exploitation is a huge problem across the world. About two million children worldwide are held captive and bought and sold for sex. I have donated at to stop this awful crime and to save children.”

  • The Flour Bomb

    Now the fun part! Here’s where you dump the flour on your head however you’d like. Be creative! The crazier and more creative, the better.

  • Issue the Challenge

    Once you’re flour bombed, end by challenging three friends to accept the challenge and to donate:

    “I challenge Joe Smith, Jack Johnson, and Mike Taylor to accept the flour bomb challenge. You have twenty-four hours to accept the challenge, donate at, and get flour bombed.”

  • Post Video With Hashtags & Friend Tags

    When your video is complete, upload it to Facebook and your other social media profiles. Once it’s uploaded:

    • Tag it with the hashtags #flOURbomb and #OURrescue.
    • Tag your three friends whom you challenged.
    • Post your video on the Facebook walls of the friends you’ve challenged.